Carson,Rachel <br/><br/> Silent spring [Management books] Rachel Carson - 50th anniversary ed - London Penguin Classics 2012 <br/><br/>Includes bibliographical references and index <br/><br/>'Silent Spring' is Rachel Carson's bestselling, scientifically passionate exposure of the effects of the indiscriminate use of chemicals. She describes how pesticides are applied to farms, forests and gardens, with scant regard to the consequences. <br/><br/><label>ISBN: </label>9780141391526 <br/><br/><label>Subjects--Personal Names: </label><br/>Environment <br/><br/><label>Subjects--Topical Terms: </label><br/>Pesticides--Environmental aspects<br/>Pesticides--Toxicology<br/>Insect pests--Biological control <br/><br/><label>Dewey Class. No.: </label>363.7384 / CAR